The Corporation for the Sustainable Development of the San Andres, Providencia and Santa Catalina Archipelago (Coralina) reported on Tuesday that another tiger shark (Galeocerdo cuvier) was spotted in the vicinity of the coastal area of Pox Hole. According to the marine guards, this specimen would have been attracted by ill-disposed food scraps on the coast.

The discovery occurred in the midst of marine control, surveillance and monitoring activities. The entity reported that it activated an “inter-agency group with other authorities and supporting entities” in order to minimize the risk of another accident. Recall that, on March 18, the death of an Italian tourist was reported after being bitten by one of these species in the sector known as ‘La Piscinita’.

Similarly, the corporation sent a series of recommendations to residents and visitors. Firstly, that they avoid entering the sea while there are reports of animals with dangerous potential in waters surrounding bathing areas. And, secondly, “we thank the community to avoid throwing food or fishing waste into the sea or on the shore, as this bad practice can cause more animals to be interested and generate more interaction with people.”

Coralina said that she has confirmed, by different means, that unscrupulous people continue to throw this type of waste into the sea, therefore, whoever is surprised, could face the following sanctions:

1. Fine after violating Law 1801 of 2016 National Code of Police and Citizen Coexistence in Title IX Chapter Article 101 Numeral 9 (National Police).

2. Violation of permitted uses in the Zoning of the Marine Protected Area (agreement 002 of 2019), violation of periods of closure and/or affecting natural resources (application of Law 1333 of 2009). Environmental Sanctioning Procedure – CORALINA.

3. Sanction for the use of fishing gear prohibited in the department and for illegal fishing activities and/or violation of closed periods (Department Department of Agriculture and Fisheries).

4. In the event that a person is caught in flagrante, in violation of the regulations, not only material with which the law is violated, but also vehicles, or property, for example: boats or similar (coast guard) may be confiscated.

5. Illegal hunting and fishing is protected throughout the national territory as a criminal offence, according to article 328 of Law 1453 of 2011, which establishes a fine of up to 35,000 statutory minimum monthly wages in force and deprivation of liberty for 48 to 108 months.

The agency clarified that the tiger shark reported this Tuesday is different from those previously marked and released. For example, on 22 March, a group of experts captured and placed in a safe area one of these species, measuring 3.6 meters, which was prowling around the Pox Hole sector. In addition, a satellite tag was installed, which will allow him to monitor his movements to take action in case he approaches the coast.

In the middle of the process, it was possible to take a genetic sample for an in-depth study, on the tiger shark population in the Seaflower Biosphere Reserve. The marine species was released more than 10 miles from the island of San Andres, in a deep fishing sector.

Since the attack on the Italian tourist took place, environmental authorities have insisted on the importance of safeguarding the natural habitat of sharks. This is taking into account that, through social networks, cases were reported of people who, by their own means, were trying to hunt some of these specimens.